Sam Snead once commented that Southview has the nicest greens in this part of the country (many believe it still does). Jim Turnesa proclaimed Southview "as nice a course as I've ever played and certainly the best 69 par course I ever played" (It is now a par 71).

As you stand on the first tee at Southview Country Club, the beauty of the course begins to mesmerize you. The smells of fresh blooming flowers mix with the sound of a flowing fountain. Your eyes take in the bursts of colors that wrap around the pond ahead of you providing a stark contrast to the granite boulders that separate the watery grave from the promised land beyond. Everyone who has had the privilege of playing Southview remembers her beauty, and longs for the challenge.

Although countless changes and improvements have been made since these gentlemen last visited, the high praise Southview receives year after year, from amateurs and pros alike, remains the same. It is a course whose sheer aesthetic beauty lies in stark contrast to the challenge it provides to golfers of every skill level. It is the kind of course you never grow tired of playing, and are always proud to bring your guests to.

Southview Country Club is a meticulously kept par 71 course originally designed by noted "golf course expert," Wm. B. Langford. Jerry Pirkl was hired in the mid 60’s to redesign the original layout. Today, Southview is noted for its immaculate rolling fairways, mature trees, numerous water hazards featuring fountains and magnificent landscaping. And of course, the finest greens in this part of the country.

As a member of Southview you quickly learn that this is not a course easily overcome by raw power off the tee. To the contrary, accuracy is at a premium. The fairways are narrow and undulating. The trees are close and often times unforgiving.

To score here, you have to be in the fairway where lush, tightly mowed conditions allow for crisp iron shots that bite and hold the slippery, subtle greens. They roll true, smooth and more often than not – Fast. At Southview Country Club you will enjoy a challenging course that delivers a true test to every part of your golf game.